How Hdb Software Consulting works

Simplifying your processes so you can grow your business

Does this sound like your current situation?


Are the tasks, processes associated with running your business, redundant, labor intensive, costly and difficult to manage?


Do you wish there was a way to remove these pains from your business, perhaps, right at your fingertips?

Are you running your
business without a portal or backoffice?

Are you spending thousands of dollars between multiple tasks and countless hours to make your business run properly?

And after endless ours over the years you find yourself fixing it manually and still not satisfied?

So you hire an employee that requires additional resources, adding on to your payroll

These can be great options for some businesses, except that none of them are scalable, and none of them are directly focused on making you more money. No worries, you are in luck, let's talk!

Meet your new workflow

We improve your backend office for you to be in the forefront of your company. We will set you up with a process that will,

  • Streamline communication in your business process
  • Enforce accountability
  • Minimize costs due to manual errors and inefficiency
  • Develop an insight into the evolution and repercussions of your business process
  • Establish a clear approval hierarchy

Streamline Communication

We develop a simple, streamlined communication process with one dashboard to see all of your requests

Enforce Accountability

An owner is assigned for each step of the process, enabling that level of information transparency, you enforce accountability

Track Business Process

Streamline processes provides insight into the evolution and repercussions of your business processes

Reduce Errors and Inefficiency

An automated business process can show you the current state of any item and make sure careless mistakes don't take place

Drive your business with simple, process automation software

HDB provides process automation software to reduce the cost in time and money carrying out common business processes. Costs are saved by the reduced need for people and reduced in errors.

To stay competitive., companies are using automated processes in enforcing and maintaining consistent processes. Look at the giants, Amazon, and Apple, of how automation is the core of their business in building an efficient and profitable company. Automated processes allow organizations to align repeatable business processes with achievable business goals by executing tasks with exacting precision and speed every time.

  • Web-based
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Real-time
  • Data driven
  • Streamline
  • User friendly
See why working with Hdb is different than traditional back-office solutions. Spoiler alert: We want to delight you!