How to Establish Workflow in Your Business

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A workflow is a repeatable pattern of business activity. This repeatable pattern of activity can only occur when there is a systematic organization of resources and processes, allowing you to more efficiently run your business.

Most Businesses Are Leaving Money on the Table
Creating optimal workflow is the dream of any business operator. Quite honestly, most businesses don’t take the necessary steps to establish these workflow practices and are leaving money on the table because they have failed to optimize their effort.

How do you feel about your own business’s workflow? Here are some things to think about when considering ways to optimize your workflow:

Take a Business-wide Approach
Examine all the steps and milestones in your business that delivers your finished product to your client. Standardize the workflow process so that all employees can easily access a project, allowing each individual to easily collaborate and communicate throughout each step to completion.

Start from the Shallow End First
While examining and identifying the steps and milestones, don’t go too deep. Start with identifying the point of entry and point of delivery for every product/service that you wish to track. Identifying and tracking the milestones should not create more burden for you or your employees.

Want Success? So Do Your Employees
Your employees are your greatest assets. When identifying the steps and milestones of your business workflow, get their input. Their daily work consists of accomplishing the steps that lead to your finished product. If they buy into the process and acknowledge the key milestones, the workflow process will be much easier.

Keep Looking Back Before Moving Forward
After living with the workflow process for a period of time “let’s say 6 months” take time to evaluate its effectiveness. You may find, or your employees may realize, that steps need to be added or removed. Don’t be afraid to make the changes. Results trump rules when it comes to efficiency.

Stay Open to New Ways to Improve
As your business grows and workflow products mature, be open to integrating with new products, such as custom software, or other applications to increase your productivity and efficiency.

A partner that understands workflow can be invaluable, offering a fresh perspective that can point out things in your business you’ve habitually overlooked. If you would like a free consultation on how you may be able to improve your workflow, you can contact us at(takes you to survey and schedule call)

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